Association of European Studies

About us

About us

The Interregional Public Organization "Association for European Studies" , established in 1992, is a public association that promotes the development of scientific research on European issues. Since May 1994, AEVIS has been one of the co-founders of the World Association for European Studies (ECSA-World).

The Association operates in the territory of the Russian Federation. In order to realize its goals and practical tasks, the Association creates, in regions, territories and republics of the Russian Federation, in which there are Association members studying European problems, their branches.

The Association is a legal entity in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. She has separate property, acts as a plaintiff or defendant in court, arbitration and arbitration. The Association has its own seal and emblem, has its own accounts in banks of the Russian Federation. The Association directly implements international scientific, cultural or other ties necessary for the fulfillment of its statutory goals.

In its activities, the Association is guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation, its interstate and intergovernmental agreements, the provisions of the Charter Association, as well as the decisions of its governing bodies.

The main objectives of the Association are:

  • promoting the development in Russia of research in important areas of life and activities of the peoples and states of Europe;
  • promoting the coordination of scientific research, as well as the exchange of the results obtained between interested scientific institutions and associations of both Russia and other states;
  • assistance in organizing special lecture courses and seminars on European issues in universities and other higher educational institutions of Russia, as well as training courses in order to increase the level of training of specialists whose practical activity requires professional knowledge of European problems;
  • assist the Association members in the preparation and publication of scientific papers on European topics in domestic and foreign publications;
  • expansion and deepening of scientific relations of members of the Association with foreign scientists.

To achieve the goals of the Association:

  • holds Russian and international conferences, symposia and seminars on European issues;
  • organizes the exchange of scientific information on European issues between Russian scientists, members of the Association, as well as between Russian and foreign experts;
  • contributes to the promotion of European subjects in the curricula of Russian universities, inter-university exchange of professors and teachers;
  • promotes the development of scientific cooperation in the framework of European research with foreign universities, research centers, scientific associations, foundations and other organizations;
  • carries out publishing activities in accordance with legislation on the press and other media;
  • organizes and conducts lectures, meetings of representatives of public, academic, business, journalistic and other circles of Russia and other states on European issues;
  • carries out other activities aimed at achieving the goals of the Association.

The highest body of AEVIS is the Conference. Between conferences, the general management of the Association’s activities is carried out by the Board and the Board Bureau.

The Association’s activities are managed by the President, who is elected for 3 years.