Association of European Studies

Meeting of the AES Board

Meeting of the AES Board

2 July 2020

On July 2, 2020, immediately after the completion of the AES Reporting and Re-election Conference, on June 29 this year, which approved the updated composition of the Association's Board, its first kick-off meeting was held. It was held online. The meeting began with an address by the President of AEVIS Al.A. Gromyko to the members of the Management Board, in which he congratulated them on their re-election, formulated the agenda and briefly dwelled on the main directions of AEVIS activities in 2020-2021.

The Board completed the formation of the governing bodies of AES by unanimously electing its Chairman and Bureau. The chairman was Doctor of Law, Professor, Head. Department of European Law, MGIMO, Vice President of the Russian Association of International Law, M. Entin.

The Bureau includes well-known European scientists representing the regional departments of AES and leading research institutes of the country: Y. Borko, A. Gromyko, M. Entin, O. Butorina, D. Danilov, N. Kaveshnikov, A. Akulshina, L. Deriglazova, T. Romanova, M. Rykhtik.