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Tomsk State University starts the master's program "European Union Studies"

Tomsk State University starts the master

18 June 2020

"Studies of the European Union" is a two-year program on international relations, one of the oldest in Tomsk State University. It has been implemented since 2008. It was developed in collaboration with the University of Oxford and the Free University of Brussels. Its mission is to train highly professional international relations specialists with in-depth knowledge of the European Union (EU) and Russia-EU relations. The program consists of several blocks: theory and practice of modern international relations, language training (intensive study of two European languages), specialization. Moreover, in the last block, students are given a wide choice - economic and monetary integration in Europe, social Europe, the security policy of the European Union and much more.

Teachers in the Master's program "European Union Studies" have many internships abroad and are professional active specialists. They actively participate in international conferences, receive various grants, and publish articles in leading journals. All teachers are fluent in European languages, have academic degrees of doctor and candidate of sciences, have completed internships at European universities.

The European Union Studies program is practice-oriented, introduces current trends in the EU's development, and attracts partners from Russia and Europe for training. In 2020, students took part in numerous webinars organized by the Russian Council on International Relations (RIAC) with the participation of high-ranking Russian diplomatic officials, including former and current ministers and deputy foreign ministers of the Russian Federation, Russian ambassadors in different countries.