Association of European Studies

Quarterly “The European Union: Facts & Comments”

The information and analytical bulletin “The European Union: facts and comments” has been published quarterly by the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Association for European Studies (AES) since 1995. It aims to provide comprehensive information and brief policy analysis for scholars, government officials, university teachers, postgraduate and graduate students.

To date, 101 issues are displayed for free download on the website of the project and of the AES. Each issue contains three standard sections: on the activities of the EU institutions, on various EU domestic policies and on its relations with global partners with a focus on EU-Russia’s cooperation. Amid current developments, special themes are added to a list of contents, like Brexit or measures in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

The bulletin appears four times a year and it is available in an electronic form. Every issue contains 20-30 articles totaling up to 150 pages (70,000 words).

The group of contributors consists of highly qualified scholars from the Institute of Europe, other distinguished research centers and universities in Moscow and in Russian regions. The bulletin meets the need for accurate and reliable information on the European Union and its day to day activities from the part of Russian and Russian-speaking readers in the Russian Federation and neighboring countries, including Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova and some others.

Under the three-year grant to support the Jean Monnet activities within the ERASMUS + Program “Strengthening European integration research and teaching in Russia”, 12 issues (No. 90-101) were published, covering the period from October 2017 to May 2020.


Issue 101: June-August

Issue 100: March-May

Issue 99: December 2019 – February 2020


Issue 98: September-November

Issue 97: June-August

Issue 96: March-May

Issue 95: December 2018-February


Issue 94: September-November

Issue 93: June-August

Issue 92: March-May

Issue 91: January-February


Issue 90: October-December